Great Things Are Happening at Arizona State University

If you or your children are looking for a school where they can spread their wings and fly, explore new realms that no other public university offers them, it’s time to find out more about Arizona State University. ASU has thrust itself headlong into a new world when it comes to education. The University currently has over sixty eight thousand students enrolled in courses at four campuses and through online classes as well. ASU is creating a new breed of professional and the world needs to see what’s going on in Tempe.

There is much to be said about book learning, many scholars think. That’s how they learned. Who needs all this new information and technology? We all do. If we want a world that is run like a well oiled machine, we better get some people who know how to grease the axles and that is just what ASU is doing. Not literally, of course, but they are sending graduates out into the world with an understanding, a thirst, a knowledge of the way things are going to go, from now on. No more are we going to see the same people flooding the job marketplace.

With a faculty that holds honors and awards as distinguished as the Nobel Peace Prize, it’s not difficult to fathom that ASU has the upper hand on diversity when it comes to faculty. Where else would you find such a vast array of professionals who have devoted their lives to higher learning?

ASU begun in 1885 as a high school called Tempe Normal School and was later converted into a public university with the passing of a law through the House by John Samuel Armstrong. Under President Arthur John Matthews, the conversion took place smoothly and the University hasn’t looked back, since. Not even during the Depression did the school lose site of the future.

ASU is the biggest public research school in the United States. Devotion to teaching, service and research has helped propel the school to the top of every high school student’s wish list for places to attend. ASU currently has over sixteen thousand National Merit Scholars enrolled in full time undergraduate, graduate and post graduate programs.

Four campuses comprise the ASU system, one in Tempe-the largest and original campus; NW Phoenix, downtown Phoenix and Mesa. Students may take classes online from anywhere in the world and enrollment in these internet learning opportunities has been steadily increasing.

The school got a new President in 2001. Michael M. Crow has been turning heads since he stepped in the door. Determined to change the way that higher education is operated, he’s put out a plan for becoming the model for the “new American University” and so far, he’s taking names. With a unique opportunity to keep a finger on the pulse of the future job marketplace, Arizona State University has its eyes on the prize. Students graduating from ASU are well rounded, much achieved individuals who will surely take their place at the top of the class.

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