Many of us are internet marketers. We are smitten by the love of search engines, FREE traffic, list building and conversions. If you are not a successful internet marketer than you should continue reading this article!

FREE TRAFFIC is the buzz word now in the internet marketing community. To tell you the truth, no traffic source is free. Most of the gurus who keep on harping about how much traffic they get from Google AdWords never disclose this fact that they pay something like $0.5 to $1 per click. Add these clicks and most of them are paying thousands of dollars to Google as advertising costs. Recently Google banned thousands upon thousands of Google AdWords Accounts. Google is drunk with power. So watch out. As a newbie, you have no chance of succeeding at Google AdWords but still the gurus will keep on peddling their Google AdWords courses as if nothing has changed there.

Try SEO. You have to buy a domain, then you need to do a lot of search engine stuff that costs something. It’s not free. Then add up the opportunity cost of hours of hard word and then you start getting traffic from the search engine that may dry up as soon as it had started.

Many people have now jumped on the bandwagon of internet marketing. Whatever method you try on the internet, you will find people doing it already. Everywhere you will turn, you will face severe competition. List building? Very easy, many gurus will harp. Most will never tell you how many years they took to build a list of few thousand.

To tell you the truth, in the last decade when this thing known as internet marketing came into being, in the beginning there was no competition. Google AdWords started somewhere around 2000. Many people did not even know that it is possible to make money online. So there were very few people who knew about Google AdWords. So they made the killing. Competition was less. People were not internet savvy. When they would open a website and read the mouth watering sales copy, bam they would take out their credit cards and jump on the band wagon. But in the last ten years, competition has increased tremendously. People have become more wise, prudent and savvy online. They are simple not ready to let them be taken for a ride again. Old sales copy doesn’t work. Advertising cost has skyrocketed online. You are competing with big companies with fat wallets. So, don’t thing internet marketing will be easy in 2010s. It is still possible but things will not work like a breeze anymore!

I give you very sincere advice. Learn currency trading. Currency markets are huge. So huge that even if you add all the stock markets in the world and multiple that with ten, still currency markets are bigger. Currency trading is no more difficult.

In the last few years, currency markets have evolved. There are no automated trading systems known as RobotS that are being sued by novices or what you call newbies to make money from the comfort of their homes trading currencies. Forex Robot is just like a black box. If you sue the Media Player to watch a video online, you are never bothered about what is happening inside the Media Player. A Forex Robot also behaves in the same way. It is programmed, You have to just install it on your account and leave the rest to it. It will make money for you while you sleep. Currency trading is going to make many millionaires in this decade that has just started and is only a few days old. So lot of time is left. You too can become one of them. Trust me, this is the best time for currency trading!

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