Guess, there are many things from your childhood in your parents’ house that you thought to throw away. Have you ever wondered that some of them can cost thousands of dollars? Yes, this is not a joke, the price of old CDs can reach $3000, for example.

Keep reading and find out what items in your home can be worth a fortune!

1. Vintage Cookie Jar

Some vintage cookie jars may fetch a pretty penny these days. We don’t simply mean a couple of decades in the past; we’re talking about cookie jars produced in the 1940s and 1950s.

This jar from the 50s sold for a whopping $1,200 in 2018! The highest a cookie jar has ever sold was $3,400 for a Little Audrey-styled one in 2019.

2. Typewriters

The more precious the typewriter, the older it is. If your parents received a pre-1940s model that is still functional, it might be worth up to $800 today.


3. Vinyl Records

Do you need a reason to bring out your family’s record collection? If your parents still have any of this classic vinyl, they may be worth thousands of dollars.

4 VHS Tapes

The days of VCRs are over. On the other hand, old VHS cassettes continue to be quite valuable in today’s market. Less popular films that did not make it to a DVD release, such as some horror films, might be pretty useful.


Controversial films that have been banned, such as Disney’s Song of the South, might be extremely valuable.

5 Old CDs

According to numerous sources, the track from Michael Jackson’s 1993 signature series and Coldplay’s 1998 protection EP is valued at around $1,500. Even better, a cover of Paris Hilton’s 2006 album “London,” with a new packaging and an extra mash-up with D.J. Danger Mouse as a street artist, replaced Banksy in September 2006.

The CD, purportedly accessible in the United States for $3,000 in 2013, is now advertised on eBay for 9,995 GBP (roughly $12,134.19) as of August 2019.


6 Your Mom’s Wedding Dress

Didn’t you wear your mother’s wedding gown as she had hoped? Don’t feel bad about it; if it’s still hanging in her closet, you may assist her in selling it for up to $250 or more.

7. Antique Coins

Get pumped for this: in 2007, Jeff Bidelman, a former dealer at Rare Collectibles in Pennsylvania, discovered a $200,000 coin cache dating back 200 years. If you don’t come across any old monuments, you could even get your hands on a unique Kansas state cent. Many of these quarters changed “In God, We Rust” with “In God, We Rust” in 2005.


8. Perfume Bottles

Your mother’s unique smell isn’t very valuable, but maybe the glass bottle it arrived in. Yes, perfume bottle collecting is a thing, and the perfect deals may net you hundreds of dollars.

9. Old Stamps

As of August 2019, sets of historic eBay stamps had sold for approximately $90,000, with some selling for hundreds of thousands of dollars! For some, they are only a piece of paper, but for others, they are ancient antiques that give a fascinating glimpse into the past.

10. Vintage Comics

Opportunities include some retro comic books, out of all the collections you may have had as a kid. Prices vary depending on the date and amount of copies, but during the 2014 auction, The Incredible Hulk’s debut comic book fetched $320,000. Your chances increase if the superhero in your comic book has a superhero movie.


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