If you want to have more happiness in the first step it’s possible to change your perception of what happiness really is. You have to think that happiness is something that can be created or created.

Half of happiness depends on the conscious choices you make every day. Choices are often repeated and over time can become happiness. In this case, it can be said that one’s happiness can come from the example of life that is lived.

Eat healthy food

Physically, and to some extent emotionally, food can affect you. This is why eating examples are important.

Three aspects to consider include:

What do you eat?

Eat a balanced diet. Choose whole grains, nuts, fish, vegetables, protein and fiber. Eat a variety of foods to get a variety of nutrients. Avoid refined sugar, saturated fat, vitamin megadosa and calorie-dense foods. Eliminate trans fats.

How much do you eat?

Stop eating when you feel a little full. If you stop for a few minutes after feeling a little full, you’ll quickly feel better.

How do you eat?

Eat slowly and chew your food well. Use small bites and savor every bit. This approach can help you enjoy your food as well as lose weight if that’s your goal.

Keep your body alert

Almost anything you hope for in life will be easier to achieve if you are more physically active. Each week, most healthy adults should get at least 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity or 75 minutes, in addition to muscle-strengthening exercise.

Work on getting enough physical activity with these new-inspired views:

Find simple ways to keep fit

Park your car further away from the store, walk up the stairs, walk to your co-worker’s office instead of calling, schedule a meeting away from the office, walk to a food stall of your choice, take place while talking on the phone at work or at home, or join an athletic club.

Combine physical activity with joyful mindfulness.

Taking walks in nature is one way to do this. As you progress, look at the green grass, the blue sky, and the size and shape of the clouds. Look at the plants and trees as a selfless wise man standing quietly and enjoying everything in nature.

Get quality sleep

More than half of us don’t get enough sleep, and sometimes we don’t sleep well. The brain and body will speed up with a lack of sleep. Sleep is the food of the brain, so consider sleep an important time.

Make good sleep a priority with these tips:

If you can, try not to take sleep anxiety with you.

Relax your body and mind before going to bed. A relaxing routine could include taking a warm bath, relaxing reading, taking deep breaths or eating a snack.

If worries continue to bother you, write them down in a journal or try your best to hold off thinking about them until morning.

Connect with other people

Having good social relationships is one of the keys to receiving happiness. Humans are social creatures who have fundamental needs.

Having a social contribution is a buffer in times of stress. Connecting with other people can also help put things in the other person’s perspective, and can often offer better solutions.

The best ways to connect with others include:

Share gratitude and love

Say thank you to those who have made a difference in your life. Send a card, write a letter or come in person.

Have fun and laugh

Laughter has been shown to lower blood pressure, minimize certain stress hormones, defend against respiratory pus, promote memory and learning, increase alertness, and promote creativity.


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