There are times when you used to be proud of a job that you hate now. Every day there are things that make you no longer like the job. However, you still feel hesitant to quit and find another job .

If you still want to stay in your current job, you need to change your mindset and find a way to love the job you choose again. One way is to focus on the positive things that can be found from the job, for example the location near home, lots of happy friends, or advantageous conveniences.

“When you’re looking for something to be grateful for, your workday gets a whole lot better,” says Amy Cooper Hakim, PhD , co-author of the book Working With Difficult People .

Challenge yourself not to complain loudly for a week or not to get annoyed when your boss asks you to do something you don’t think is useful.

This hate can also be reduced by making yourself happy after doing so much work. Enjoy a cup of coffee from your favorite shop, get a manicure, massage, take a hot shower at night, or do anything else that makes you feel instantly happy.

If you feel bored with work, you may not have done anything new in a long time. Well, to overcome this, try to find ways to expand the responsibilities. If you normally run errands for your boss, try getting yourself involved in an upcoming client project.

Challenging yourself to do harder work can lead to higher overall job satisfaction .

Bored with work can be the root of unhappiness in the workplace. So, do something to change what is making you feel disappointed. You can enroll in continuing education or professional development programs. Who knows that way you can witness many other things outside of work.

Talk to your boss regularly to find out progress in the job that might give you ideas for advancing self-responsibility.

When you’re not at work, do something you enjoy , such as sports, reading, creating crafts, sewing, gardening, or some other activity that excites you.

Another option is to try volunteering outside the office. You can contribute to nonprofit forums to get perspective on the needs of others.

In your spare time, try to be realistic. The job you hate right now may become a necessity for what lies ahead. Do not forget to always learn as much as possible to hone skills and increase knowledge.

Then, stop thinking that this is a job you hate. When chatting with coworkers, it’s a good idea to talk about other things, like the latest gossip, movies, music, or something else that’s interesting.

To create a peaceful atmosphere in the office, you can tidy up your desk. See what objects are in the drawer or on the table. Keep things that are important and get rid of things that are not used.

Talking and joking with coworkers is a great way to keep your spirits up during a busy and stressful work day.

However, if work often stresses you out, try taking a break especially first by applying for leave. You can take a moment for a picnic and consider whether to stay or give up this job.

Always get help from those closest to you so that you become more peaceful. Even if the condition is very bothersome, you can talk to a psychologist and learn about stress management.


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