A job vacancy site, Dice, released the results of a survey of 3,993 participants. The survey results show that discrimination against women still occurs in the world of work .

Based on the survey results, as many as 62 percent of women said that ideas they ridiculed were often not considered until male employees conveyed similar ideas. Half of female employees who work in the tech industry say they are faced with such incidents frequently.

  • The survey also predicts that by 2020 there will be 1.4 million jobs in the field of computer science. Then, they estimate that as many as three percent of positions or positions will be filled by female workers.
  • Therefore, the conditions of the world of work that seem to underestimate the abilities of women as mentioned above are very detrimental to women. This is because this can hinder the advancement of career paths, salaries, and other work accommodations.
  • The emancipation of women to get the opportunity to do work has indeed offered rapid development. However, the reality is that discrimination still persists once they get and do the job.
  • The results of the analysis from the Pew Research Center revealed that 42 percent or four out of 10 career women in the United States still experience gender discrimination.
  • They reported that the discrimination ranged from getting paid less than male employees, getting important projects, to the opportunity to get special offers for positions.
  • The survey, which was carried out in line with the wave of accusations of rape against women in politics, the media, and various industries, also revealed that 42 percent of women experience gender discrimination and 25 percent earn less than male employees despite having the same position.

Only five percent of male employees are paid less than their female colleagues.

In addition, as many as 23 percent of female employees are often considered less competent with gender arguments. Then, they are also three times more likely to experience the act of being underestimated in the world of work. Only five percent of Lekaki’s employees have faced the same incident.

Then, regarding the issue of giving from male superiors, female employees also experienced experiences that were considered unfair.

As many as 15 percent of female employees admitted that they were not given the support of a male boss. The same thing only happened to seven percent of male employees.

One in 10 female employees said that they are often considered less potential in completing important work or projects. As a result, the task was assigned to their male colleagues.

In the results of data collection in the United States released a study that income discrimination according to gender has decreased, but not evenly. That is, only in certain cities. Here are three of them:

Arlington, Texas

Between 2015 and 2016, data shows that female employees received a 12 percent increase in income. Meanwhile, only four percent of male employees.

In fact, the data also shows that the income of female employees is almost the same (98.7 percent) as that of men.

Winston-Salem, North Carolina The

city ​​experienced the most drastic reduction in gender-based income discrimination. Based on data in 2016 yesterday, female and male employees were almost the same (97.4 percent), compared to 2015 only 84.1 percent.

Chesapeake, Virginia

In 2015, reports suggest that female employees earn only 74 percent of what male employees earn. However, the percentage changed in 2016, was increased to 87.2 percent.

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