In this Fletro Pro v.6.0 update, the focus is on simplifying the appearance of the template and providing more space and margins so that the display doesn’t look crowded, some elements are also made further away, you may find some widgets have more space than the previous display.

Several new features were also added including some extracted and refined from Median UI templates such as the Post tab, Table of contents and so on.

Next, and a little extra about Fletro Pro v.5.5, I added the Generate link / Safelink feature. The advantage of changing the main blog template into a safelink, you can install it on your download blog or ask who has a download blog. Of course this will increase visitor traffic a lot.

Other Fletro features / advantages


Fitur Checklist
Google Pagespeed Cek
Google Testing Tools Cek
Ads Optimize Yes
Lazy Image & Lazy Yotube Yes
Layout v3 dan Widget v2 Yes
Complete Widget Style Yes
Adaptive Header Yes
Switch Post Layout Yes
Multipost Layout see
Page Split see
Infinite Scroll Yes
Related Posts 5 Style Yes
Blogger Comment v2 Yes
Custom Error Page Yes
Chat & Back to Top Button Yes
Random generate link Yes
2x click to bring up the link button Yes



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