Today, many professional accountants are afraid of technological advances. Big data and sophisticated systems have the potential to take over the accounting function. In fact, the ‘takeover’ is already taking place, but still, the accounting function itself is still a big part of business at a time when technological advances are increasingly complex and the rate of change is increasing. Then, what is the future of accounting in the future?

1. Accounting Will Become More ‘Slim’ and Jobs Taken Over by the System

A system that works automatically and is easily accessible to workers will facilitate the accounting process. There is no need for an accounting section to manually calculate expenses and income. The work will be taken over by the system so that the accounting department will be slimmer with a more efficient number of employees. Thus, expenses can be reduced.

2. Cloud Based Accounting Users Will Increase

Changes in social conditions also have an impact on the accounting situation itself. Business people, whether SMEs or big business people, definitely want data and information to be easily accessible from their mobile devices. From here, the demand for cloud-based accounting will increase sharply. The convenience for convenience offered by cloud-based accounting will make the accounting system more preferred by users. You can use Leukeun Accounting to make this easy!

3. Accounting Reports Will Be More Credible

Accounting applications help users to find exact numbers and avoid data errors that may be done by humans or what we usually refer to as human errors. That way, accounting reports will be more credible and accountable based on existing data.

In addition, systems in accounting applications will help companies to analyze data and various metrics. This will help the higher ups to determine future plans. Currently, it is very rare for accountants to have skills like this and it will easily be taken over by the use of cloud-based accounting applications.

4. Working Outside the Office Would Be Normal

The world will be more global and without boundaries, so will work hours. Accountants will easily access the required data and information without having to go to the office. Everything is stored in the cloud which can be accessed easily. Work can be done both inside and outside the office, even at home. It will be easier for accountants to work more efficiently and effectively without the need for problems. Even rainstorms or traffic jams will not be an obstacle for them to work. Work hours are more flexible.

Those are some views about the future of accounting in the next few years.

Then, are you ready to face this situation? As we know, a successful company is a company that is able to adapt well. So, are you ready?

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